Thursday, August 23, 2007

7. technology

I think it is great but I also think that it is moving too fast for me.

6. mashups

mashups are two tools that I would probably never use.

5. flickr

Not something that I like but to each his own. long learners

I'm ready for all the challenges.

16. Wikis

sorry, not something I'm interested in. wikipedia is what i use personally or for library customers.

23. Summary

As a beginning computer user, 23 Things was a little over my head. I still learned
alot. Like a kid in a candy store, was fun. Netlibrary is not a site I
would use personally, I need the written word in hand. Just call me old-fashioned or
not with the times. I thankful for the chance to learn more, if it will remain in my brain!

22.downloadable Books

I chose Overdrive with Amanda W.'s help.